Experienced contractor for construction projects Royaltech Infradevelopers is a renowned commercial construction company with a high reputation in market and a long clientele to work for. And our clientele is increasing day by day. It is our expertise in the construction business that keeps us ahead in competition.


Commercial projects Every commercial project is a challenge; every need is different and in building work, we have to take care of many factors from architecture to interior and material to manpower. Our construction company Gurugram has earned a name in completing projects on time. We start work on time and try completing ahead of deadline. We have helped many land developers in completing their residential projects in time.

Residential projects Our residential construction company is known for creating compelling living space for families. We design homes and decorate the units tastefully. We know what how to make homes and for this reason we have maximum residential projects in NCR. We work for big builders and also for individuals and we do complete job from architecture to interior.

Industrial projects We work for industries including hospitality, shopping malls and other sectors. As expected from a leading construction company Noida, we have made maximum hotels and resorts to our name. We have a long history of working for hospitality and entertainment industry that includes theme parks and resorts.

Big ticket projects Our construction company Faridabad has the credit of making big ticket projects in NCR. Every big project comes as a challenge and finally becomes a feather in our hat. We bid for big projects and we bag those projects because of our rich experience in construction work. We have machines, manpower, technology and sources to buy material. Our efficient engineers keep an eye on the progress of projects to make sure that the projects are completed on time.

Our future projects Our construction company Ghaziabad has many projects to complete. We are bagging new projects; clients want our company to do challenging job but at the same time they want to keep the things simple and affordable. Our expertise lies in doing things in a simple and affordable way.