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About Us

About Us

Royaltech Infradevelopers, a leading name for building Construction Company backed with a dedicatedteam of skilledprofessionals. Fruitfully serving its reputed clients since past 20 years, the company serves in catering all sorts of developmental needs related to residential, commercial and retail property in India. We believe in establishing long-term relationship with our reputed clients ensuring to deliver an exclusive package of developmental services on TURNKEY BASIS in India.Our services are entirely based onworld-class standards and sheer quality where customer satisfaction is our foremost priority. By the time the leading civil engineering companies has been able to expand its arms covering the cities falling in Delhi , NCR , Uttar Pradesh(UP),Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajesthan and Madhaya Pradesh etc. recognize the Royaltech Infra a best name for construction companyworking on world class standard, be it the quality of material, workmanship, technical viability and time bound projects. Projects developed by Royaltech Infra standouts of the crowed this is the main aim of the company to give its client a hassle free work while giving the close realty look .

With advance technology being used in construction and designing, Royaltech gives you a planet of option to choose from. Our methodology is widely accepted by a number of companies all over the world. This is one of the main reasons why we hold such a great rapport amidst our clientsDelhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Greater, Noida, Meerut, Bareilly, Dehradun, Haldwani, Delhousie, Jalandhar, Amritser, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Indore, Bhopal etc. We provide world-class office interior decorators and home interior decorators to individual as well as small and large scale corporations. With a team of highly capable engineers & designers, architects & interior designers, we provide you the best services when it comes to construction, interior and landscaping and designing. One of the most determining factors behind our success is that we strongly analyze the needs of our clients. Our cost effective modeling solutions has helped a number of organizations all over the globe. Royaltech Infradevelopers is amidst the top construction companies in india having a wide pool of highly qualified and expert turnkey contractors, engineers & builders.

We have been able to cater the contemporary needs of world class Construction interior& landscaping of our reputed clients due to our distinct approach. The solutions provided by Royaltech Infradevelopers adhere to mandatory international standards so that you can get a high quality development with world-class design at affordable civil construction cost.

Our primary solutions include for
Educational institutions
Commercial complexes
Multi story buildings and towers
Factory buildings
MNCs outlets
Aviation and grooming centers
Sport complexes
Resorts and farmhouses

Our Team

Royaltech incorporates a proficient team of professionals ensuring to deliver a stylish yet life-enhancing environment. Our skilled team of professional includes engineers & interior designers, interior decorators, civil construction contractors, contractors and builders, top interior designers, interior contractors, commercial builders, civil contractor, landscaping contractors, landscape designers, landscape engineers, field officers, site managers, site engineers, foreman and labor force comprising of around 400 people in count. At Royaltech we firmly believe in honesty, transparency and commitment it is the only reason Royaltech is among the best civil infrastructure company.

Concept and working strategy


Royaltech works on the concept of TURNKEY BASIS Turnkey refers to something that is ready for immediate use. Royaltech undertakes the work of Turnkey construction, interior & landscaping in which everything has to be provided by the company starting from Drawings, material (Selected by the experts), professional staff including engineers, vastu experts, contractors, labor both skilled and semi skilled relating to particular work. all the labor work under the strict guidance of company professionals.
Everything is planned before hand in this regard construction contract is signed showing the detail of brands and specifications to be used by the company and price is fixed at the time of contract. Company charges the difference by evaluating the market cost if higher brand is used afterward and volume of work increased
Special features of Turnkey project work
1. Budget is pre-known
2. Low risk for the client
3. Tension free work
4. Technical viability
5. Single handed approach
6. Durable quality material
7. Strong implementation
8. Excellent reality of dream project
9. Time bound program
10. Vastu Based professional approach
11. Since everything is planned by the professionals It reduces cost in the sense that only professionals know which material is best for the Particular work. Since company got its staff and its venders this is because company got the reduced cost of both material and labor but client will have to pay the market cost even higher. This is what ROYALTECH stands for like someone you
12.Last but not the least Time bound program (Dependent on the payment consideration of the company given to the client .your kind cooperation is always need)


1.As soon as the enquiry of the client is pin-pointed.Marketing staff of the company meet the client for presentation and obtain the particular requirement , drawing & dimensions of the project from the client. (for costing purpose only)
2.Receiving the drawing & dimensions of the project ,the technical staff of the company prepares the tentative cost of the project as per client requirement in a very systematic manner
3.Marketing staff again meet the client(Taking suitable time from the client) and discuss the tentative cost and payment schedule of the company.
4.When cost get finalized by the client, Receiving first payment from client as per payment schedule given by the company. work get started over actual planning ,drawing & 3D view of Construction , interior & landscaping How the building will look before construction? How its interior look will be ?
5.After approving the drawings & 3D views of the project by the client , Company work get started receiving the payment from the client as per payment schedule given and finalized
6.Techniques like CPM/PERT are used to ensure project completion least possible time
7.Software AutoCAD, Bentley software, Photoshop, 3D Max, and special interior designing software to give our clients close to reality look of final approved design
8.Detailed drawings are provided to the team working on the project to ensure accurate execution
9.Regular site visits by consultants and specialists to ensure high quality of workmanship
10.Each site is monitored by a dedicated team of supervisors and engineers

The company aims to offer fabulous quality for its diverse clients followed by the outstanding designs. The distinct approach enables us to deliver classy and innovative designs regardless the size of the project. We believe in providing customized services depending on our client 's requirement. The unique project strategies adopted by this prestigious name, Royaltechmoulds the concept of our esteemed projects into reality.

ROYALTECH INFRA is a 20-year-old engaged in development of residential, commercial and retail properties, backed by a team of dynamic and experienced professionals. We have developed various properties in NCR ,U.P WEST & UTTRANCHAL for different customer segments. We work on very high standards of professionalism, ethics, quality and customer care.
While undertaking development of a project, we believe in interpreting the essence of the inhabitants and reflect that style into a life-enhancing environment. To envision the completed project, we follow a process of reflection, planning and execution. The final plan is implemented utilizing quality material and workmanship. Our work shows outstanding design and workmanship in every detail.
Through our unique approach, we design and implement the most innovative yet a cost effective solution for each project regardless of its size, whether it is a fresh design or a total redesign or a need to increase the amount of usable space. Royaltech has the experience and expertise to ensure that the promised design concept is translated into reality, on time, within budget and with desired Quality.
With a competent team of Engineers, Designers, Contractors, Vastuconsultants ,Fieldofficers, Site supervisors, Storekepers, Secuqritygaurds, and a large force of both skilled and semi skilled workers, over last 20 years we have successfully executed various projects for a variety of clients segment, which includes Corporate houses and public undertakings.

  • Project management tools are used extensively in planning and execution.
  • Techniques like CPM/PERT are used to ensure project completion least possible time.
  • Software Auto CAD, Bentley software, Photoshop, 3D Max, and special interior designing software to give our clients close to reality look of final approved design.
  • Detailed drawings are provided to the team working on the project to ensure accurate execution.
  • Regular site visits by consultants and specialists to ensure high quality of workmanship.
  • Each site is monitored by a dedicated team of supervisors and engineers.